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Garage door openers are not created equally and if you are considering picking out the right garage door opener from Pop’s garage door installations you should strongly consider some of the elements that make up the best garage door openers on the market. We have a number of models in stock that can deliver some of these top features and more:

Overhead light: an overhead light is generally a standard piece of equipment on any type of garage door opener. When we install garage door opener with a light that can be controlled independently apart from opening and closing, you can always have an extra light available in your garage without having to open or close the door. The lights included in many of our newer model garage door openers are LEDs which are very easy to change and extremely long-lasting light installations.

Noise rating: We can provide you with some of the best options for low noise operation door openers. If you are going to be placing your garage door opener directly below a bedroom, our staff can make recommendations for some of the quietest garage door openers on the market today. By making sure that you get an extremely quiet opener it is possible to continuously open up the garage door without having to worry about disturbing other people in the home.

Keypad or remote entry: an external keypad or remote entry feature can be added as an option as well is programmed with a code that you deem suitable. One of these options is excellent at the batteries ever run out in your remote or you happen to need to get into the garage and you don’t have the remote nearby.

Secure rolling code technology: this is some of the most secure access for any type of garage door opener. Rolling code security technology uses nonrepeating codes and selects the new code from billions of different possibilities each time that the remote control is pressed. This ensures that your neighbors garage door remote will never open your own and that your garage door cannot be accessed via a simple exploit.

Battery backup: with a battery backup in your garage door opener you can make sure that even during a power outage you can easily get in and out of your garage. Most roster openers also come with a manual release so that you can open and close your garage door in a power outage but a battery backup is one of the best ways to ensure that your automatic garage door can continue functioning as normal even if the power is out.

Keep some of these top features in mind when selecting the right garage door opener with Pop’s Garage doors.