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Why Garage door insulation is a must

Garage door insulation is a must in the cold winters of Baltimore when the temperature plummets. Good insulation for the garage door of your choice will save you large sums when it comes to Heating and cooling costs. Air leaks through poorly insulated garage doors are a serious cause of energy loss.

The garage door is the largest single moving part of your home. It’s function is not only to provide entry into the home, but to provide protection from the elements and to prevent access to your home. Most times the garage door is left out and exposed to the elements. This leaves your garage door vulnerable to harsh conditions. Installing not insulated garage doors can result in energy loss, chipped glass and excessive noise.

Insulated garage door in winter

Right here to Provide top of the line service to Baltimore Area 

Our garage insulation experts provide this valuable service to Baltimore homeowners.

We understand the importance of keeping warm air in during the winter and keeping cold air out during the summer. when approaching the choice of buying a new garage door or fixing a damaged one you should consider not only comfort and beauty, but energy efficiency.

Our garage door insulation experts can provide you with a wide selection of garage doors and door parts, from insulated garage doors to rollers, garage door springs, insulated garage door panels. Our garage door insulation experts can help you determine the best types of insulated garage doors and panels for your Baltimore home.

We install all types of garage doors, including single garage doors, double garage doors, carriage house garage doors and garage doors with windows. Our garage door insulation experts are experienced with all types of insulation for garage doors and can make recommendations based on the climate in your area.

We install garage door insulation in Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Harford County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Frederick County, and Northern Baltimore County.

When to start Garage door installation?

In the summer when the weather is warm it’s a good time to invest in a new garage door that will not only give you curb appeal, but will also keep your house cooler in the summer and help lower your utility bills in winter. 

There is a solution for every budget, style, and type of home door.

Contact us at pop’s garage doors to get a quote for your new garage door.