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Why an affordable garage door isn’t always the best installation option

Pop’s garage door has garage door installations which are available to suit almost any type of budget. While there are huge variances in the price of certain products that our staff has access to, we commonly get questions on what the difference between some of the more expensive garage door installations are vs some of […]

Why should you consider upgrading an older garage door?

Garage Door Openers

If you have an older style garage door that is still working great view may be extremely hesitant to consider replacing your garage door immediately. There are however some huge advantages that come with a brand-new garage door and a top-quality garage door opener. Rather than simply settling for garage door that’s over a decade […]

Common reasons your garage door won’t open

Garage Door with opener done by Pop's garage doors

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door and you are wondering why it might not be opening, you may be surprised to know that sometimes fixing your garage or may be extremely simple for troubleshooting. Here are some of the top common reasons why your garage door might not be opening: The batteries […]

How to choose the right garage door opener

Garage door openers are not created equally and if you are considering picking out the right garage door opener from Pop’s garage door installations you should strongly consider some of the elements that make up the best garage door openers on the market. We have a number of models in stock that can deliver some […]