Why an affordable garage door isn’t always the best installation option

Pop’s garage door has garage door installations which are available to suit almost any type of budget. While there are huge variances in the price of certain products that our staff has access to, we commonly get questions on what the difference between some of the more expensive garage door installations are vs some of the more budget friendly options that we have. A budget friendly garage door is a great option to get set up with it an extremely affordable garage door at spending a bit more could present you with some of these huge upgrades:

Improved heating and efficiency

New style garage doors that feature upgraded insulation can really help out during the summer as well as during the winter. With an older style garage door or simply a thinly insulated affordable garage door, you may notice that the temperature in your garage is consistently much lower than the rest of your home. Upgraded garage doors that have excess installation can really help you to keep temperature control in your home and see future savings in your utility bills.

Greater strength

A common problem that many inexpensive garage doors face is with strength. An upgraded garage door system will be able to stand up to a much greater amount of punishment and greater levels of security from rodents and other intruders. Thin and inexpensive garage doors can often be easy to break into an older style garage doors can also be a huge target for animals seeking heat or cooler environments during the winter and summer months.

Better noise levels

Upgraded garage door openers are designed with decibel range in mind. With a garage door that is designed to open more quietly it’s possible to have a garage or that won’t disturb everyone else in the house during its opening. Upgraded garage doors with thicker insulation are also much better at blocking noise for the outside. This means that if you wanted to use your garage and play a stereo inside or as a man cave with a living room, your neighbors likely won’t hear the same amount of noise.

Improved security options

Garage doors that you spend a bit of money to upgrade will often come with rotating code technology as well as a series of added features on the remotes. With security options that are improved it’s possible that your garage door will be far less susceptible to various attacks and exploits.

Better aesthetic options

Upgraded garage doors can come with improved aesthetic options such as the option for wooden garage doors, window panes in the garage door and more. With the help of these top-quality options you can improve the resale value of your home as well as the look of your home.

Consider some of these top reasons and more for spending a little bit extra and upgrading your garage door installation. Keep in mind that Pop’s garage doors has access to a wide selection of inventory options for any type of garage door install.

Garage Door Openers

Why should you consider upgrading an older garage door?

If you have an older style garage door that is still working great view may be extremely hesitant to consider replacing your garage door immediately. There are however some huge advantages that come with a brand-new garage door and a top-quality garage door opener. Rather than simply settling for garage door that’s over a decade old, here are some of the top advantages that a modern garage door could provide for your home or your commercial business:

An upgrade in security:

Many of the top garage doors today come with rotating security codes if the help of these codes that ensures that every time your garage door opens or is accessed the code will be changing. Older style garage door openers can be accessed with the help of reprogramming a standard remote or a few exploits which are available on almost any type of smart phone. Newer garage door openers are designed for the utmost insecurity and with the rotating code feature you won’t run the risk that your neighbors or a potential burglar could access your home to the garage door.

Improving efficiency:

A brand-new garage door can be installed with more efficient insulation options than what was available in the past. Installing a brand-new garage door will ensure that you can reduce your cooling costs and your heating costs with a door that is designed to seal far better as well as retain better temperatures inside your garage. Many homeowners the replacer garage doors now feel more comfortable in the garage and have noticed a huge difference in the heating and cooling budget that their home or business requires.

Improving the value of your home:

A brand-new garage door could add a huge value to your home because it will result in a decrease in maintenance. An upgraded garage door can retain up to 75% of the cost in the resale of a home because it drastically improves curb appeal and new homeowners can see value in the efficiency savings and security improvements that a brand-new garage door and opener will provide.

Adding your own style:

Newer style garage doors can really change the look of your home and can allow you to really customize the look of your home as well. With a brand-new garage door installation you could have a full garage or that contains windows, colors in all different types of vinyl or even a natural wood stain. Having access to many of these top options to help you to really improve the look of your home and finally change it to a configuration you’ve always wanted.

Keep some of these top reasons in mind for updating an aging garage door. Remember to contact Pop’s should you require garage door installation at your home or business.

Garage Doors Openers

Common reasons your garage door won’t open

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door and you are wondering why it might not be opening, you may be surprised to know that sometimes fixing your garage or may be extremely simple for troubleshooting. Here are some of the top common reasons why your garage door might not be opening:

The batteries in your remote: If you have tried your remote many times over you may want to consider trying the indoor remote inside the house or the remote keypad on the outside of your home. Checking the batteries in your remote and changing them out if the garage door does open could be all that you need to get it working again with your car remote or keychain remote.

Checking photo eyes: on occasion the small photo eyes underneath each door can come out of alignment if something hits them or the fasteners become loose. When these infrared photo eyes get covered in dust or transmit their invisible beam into an object when they are out of alignment, your garage door will not open or close. These safety measures are generally designed to ensure that your garage door doesn’t close on your car or on an object that’s blocking its path. Check the photo eyes for any signs of dust and make sure that they are in alignment. When cleaning the photo eye remember that it’s made of glass similar to that of a camera lens so be sure to delicately clean it off to prevent scratches and further damage.

Transmitter has been reset: Sometimes your remote transmitter will have a button on it to reset the code to a new garage door. If this has been pressed by accident you may have to reprogram your garage or by holding a button on the opener as well as on the remote. The user manual for your garage door opener will often tell you how to reprogram the remote if you have accidentally changed the code settings to search for a new garage door with your remote.

Limit settings have changed: If your garage door closes all the way but then goes right up again and the infrared eyes have been cleaned, it may need to be fully reset. Sometimes limit range options within the garage door can be changed and this will change the limit close settings in the opener. There are generally dials and adjustments on your garage door opener that can be used to change these limit settings but this is a task usually best left to professionals.

Keep some of these top common reasons in mind for why your garage door may not be opening or closing. If you have checked through some of these basic options and your garage or might not be opening, it could be time to contact a professional like Pop’s Garage Doors for immediate repairs.

How to choose the right garage door opener

Garage door openers are not created equally and if you are considering picking out the right garage door opener from Pop’s garage door installations you should strongly consider some of the elements that make up the best garage door openers on the market. We have a number of models in stock that can deliver some of these top features and more:

Overhead light: an overhead light is generally a standard piece of equipment on any type of garage door opener. When we install garage door opener with a light that can be controlled independently apart from opening and closing, you can always have an extra light available in your garage without having to open or close the door. The lights included in many of our newer model garage door openers are LEDs which are very easy to change and extremely long-lasting light installations.

Noise rating: We can provide you with some of the best options for low noise operation door openers. If you are going to be placing your garage door opener directly below a bedroom, our staff can make recommendations for some of the quietest garage door openers on the market today. By making sure that you get an extremely quiet opener it is possible to continuously open up the garage door without having to worry about disturbing other people in the home.

Keypad or remote entry: an external keypad or remote entry feature can be added as an option as well is programmed with a code that you deem suitable. One of these options is excellent at the batteries ever run out in your remote or you happen to need to get into the garage and you don’t have the remote nearby.

Secure rolling code technology: this is some of the most secure access for any type of garage door opener. Rolling code security technology uses nonrepeating codes and selects the new code from billions of different possibilities each time that the remote control is pressed. This ensures that your neighbors garage door remote will never open your own and that your garage door cannot be accessed via a simple exploit.

Battery backup: with a battery backup in your garage door opener you can make sure that even during a power outage you can easily get in and out of your garage. Most roster openers also come with a manual release so that you can open and close your garage door in a power outage but a battery backup is one of the best ways to ensure that your automatic garage door can continue functioning as normal even if the power is out.

Keep some of these top features in mind when selecting the right garage door opener with Pop’s Garage doors.