Germantown  Maryland Garage Doors

Germantown Maryland is best known for its Montgomery County location as well as its favorable population of just over 90,000 people. Germantown is recognized as the third most populated place in the whole of Maryland as a state. Baltimore still remains on top but Germantown is continuing to grow in population due to its close proximity to Washington DC.

Germantown remains a popular suburb of Washington DC as well as Baltimore but is just 25 miles from the border of Washington DC. As a result of this close proximity Germantown is technically a part of the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Germantown was born out of an original plan to include six different villages that would make up one large city. With a unique downtown core as well as a large pedestrian shopping center, stadium and more Germantown is not without its fair share of attractions and unique aspects. The city has experienced extreme economic growth since the 1980s and has continued to see massive spikes in population throughout the early 2000s.

Some of the largest employers throughout Germantown include weather bug, Xerox proxy aviation services, Hughes Network Systems, Qiagen and more. These large-scale manufacturers employ many of the local residents and also make the area a popular place to work for people in nearby areas.

Germantown experiences quite a range of weather changes through the year. It’s located just above the fall line and tends to experience slightly lower temperatures than that of Silver Spring in Washington DC. Afternoon thunderstorms in summer also quite common in this area.

Residential garage doors built for Germantown

When getting a garage door installed it’s important that you work with a service professional that knows the area well. Service professionals at Pops garage door installations can provide the best recommendations for residential garage doors in Germantown. By understanding the climate through years of work in this area, service professionals can make recommendations on the types of garage doors which are best for this area and ideal for standing up to a massive array of weather changes through the year. By installing the correct garage door in your Germantown home, you can get the most out of your investment and ensure that you can improve the value of your Germantown home.

Commercial garage doors in Germantown

As well as providing advice to residential clients throughout Germantown Pops grudge door can also provide commercial garage door installation for many of the businesses in the greater Germantown area. With a service range that spans all the way to Washington and beyond, you can enjoy the best in commercial garage door installations throughout Germantown and the surrounding area.